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David Armstrong

LDS Fiction and Non-fiction
HOMETOWN: Kaysville, Utah


Xlibris Publishing Company - Professional publishing services and excellent Author Learning Center with resources for new authors.

Kindle Direct Publishing - Free, easy-to-use, step-by-step publishing service for Amazon Kindle books and paperbacks.

League of Utah Writers - Come together with local authors to get support, improve your writing, attend writers' conferences, enter writing contest, find channels for publishing.

League of Utah Writers on Facebook - Join to connect with members of the League and see what they are posting.

The King's English Bookstore - Wonderful independent community bookstore in SLC, sponsors many author events.

​GoodReads - Track your reading, write reviews, recommend books to friends.

The Manuscript Doctor - a developmental editing group focusing on improving story and teaching storytelling techniques.

Local Utah Authors:

Johnny Worthen

​Amanda Luzzarder

​Jared Quan

Lynne Learham Allen

Margot Hovely

Elisa Parmley

Isaac Timm

Chadd VanZanten

Bridget Cook Burch

Trish Hopkins

Rodney Fife

Hannah Rose Lyon

Chris Todd Miller

Sariah Horowitz

Drienie Hattingh

Pat W. Coffey

Angie Fenimore

​Paul Genesse

​Valerie Phillips

​John Lovins

​Carl Horne

​Carrie Groneman